Welsh Cattle Drovers

Arlingham Passage

By John Trimmer

Photo:Welsh Cattle Drovers

Welsh Cattle Drovers

Donated by John Trimmer

from "A Farmers Life"

"I had an interesting note from a friend in Gloucestershire one September. The ferry-man at Arlingham Passage he reported had told of seeing in his youth, in early Autumn, as many as four hundred head of cattle on the Welsh side, waiting to get across the river".

For over 500 years the Welsh moved their cattle to the great fairs and markets of England, and Arlingham Passage played a part in this trade. Is there any local knowledge of this?

The Welsh Drovers created their own settlements as early as the 1500's, and there were at least two in Gloucestershire. They were called "Little London", (Llundain fach). There was one near Longhope SO698185 and one near Rodborough, Stroud SO846034. Over 75 sites have been identified throughout England.

John Trimmer.


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