A Day In The Life Of Me, a Longney School Student

By Luke Thornes

Established in the 1900s Longney primary is a small school. It only has 111 pupils not including me and 10 teachers. This report is about a day in the life of a pupil at Longney. I normally arrive at 8 am. I help our head teacher take stuff over and then put my stuff away. After that I normally play football with my friends in the front playground. The bell rings at 8.45 am and we go inside for registration. We then go for assembly in the hall. Assembly lasts for half an hour and we normally sing our Christmas play songs. After that we launch straight into our first lesson, literacy. We had to write stories that day, and my story was about a boy called tortoise who gets locked in a zoo. We finish at 10.45 for break. I normally don't have anything to eat because I always play football. After break we launch into another lesson, maths. We were doing dividing that day and I was the first to finish and all my answers right. At 12 o'clock we go out for lunch break. The little ones go in first and we go in at 12.20. After I've had lunch I play football. When the bell rings at 1 'clock we go in for registration. After that we get changed for PE. We play hockey and at the end we see who can hit the ball the furthest, which I'm good at. Then at 2 o'clock we come back in and get changed for French. In French we learned how to have a conversation in French. And that is what my day is like.

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