Longney and Elmore church choir

By Millie North

Important people

Father Andrew ,the parish vicar, is very dedicated to his work and is excellent at it. He works with two other colleges: Father George, who helps Andrew, and Julie, who is Andrew's wife. Father Andrew gives assemblies at Longney school every other Thursday.

Longney and Elmore Church Choir.

Sue Catcheside is the choir mistress of Longney and Elmore church choir. There are twenty-six people in the choir and the majority are Deans or Bishops choir members but everyone has a medal. We have an amazing organist called Colin Squire. There are some super soloists plus a fantastic junior choir. They practise on Thursdays and after church on Sunday. We (speaking on behalf of the choir as I am a member)would be very happy if we could have more choir members, preferably men and children. We do a lot of events and concerts to raise money for the church. The next event is carol singing outside Tesco, in Quedgely. We have just done a fantastic concert, Messe  de Minuet.

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