Drama At Longney

By Cassie Pepers

In Drama we play all sorts of games like Bang, that is where the teacher calls out a name and if your name is called you have to duck. The two people who are standing by the side of the person who was called have to say bang to each other. The last person to bang their opponent is out. When you only have two left they stand back to back. Your teacher will say a magic word. The teacher will then ask you to say a word beginning with the first letter of the word or to say the word. That is just one of the games but that is the best one in my opinion. We play wink murder; Pass the pencil, blood potato and many more too.

We get a script every year at Christmas time and we will do a show the end of the year. Years 3 and 4 do it and years 5 and 6 do It. Year 6 get the big roles. When you are in year 3 you can still get a role but not a very big one. If you say you can't make it to the play and then you find out your can, you will still get a part even though you said you couldn't come in the first place.

Our teacher is very nice and encouraging. She never gets cross if you forget your script, she just reminds you to bring it next Drama lesson. When you do a mini play she will always give you good comments and she will tell you ways to improve your performance. She will give you a sticker if you are good or if your play was good. She likes you to have fun. She doesn't like it when you mess around a lot. If you need anything she would always help you.

Drama is on Wednesday for years 3 and 4 and on a Tuesday for years 5 and 6. If you are in year 2, year l or Reception you can watch the play. Drama is club so you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it is really fun so I would do it if I were you. It is for girls and boys but more girls tend to do it than boys.

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I felt Cassy's article was bubbling with enthusiam and full of life.

By Jan Burrows
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