Nature club

by Ellie Morgan

Nature club is held on Friday night form 3-00 pm-3-45 pm. It is available to people in year 4 to 6 that have an interest in nature and gardening. The club has about 15 people who attend each week. The club is run by Mrs Taylor, Mrs Tranter and Mrs Finchett. Sometimes we go outside and plant flowers around or keep them tidy. We learn about recycling, for example, we turn dresses into gloves and jeans into hats. We have painted rocks to look like animals in the back garden, for example, hedgehogs, bugs and insects. We then place our rocks in tubs of leaves to look like a garden. Mrs Taylor gives us word searches to do.  Normally we have to find names of animals, names jumbled up in the letters.  I really do enjoy this club, we do so many different activities.  But they are always based on a nature and gardening theme.

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