Longney And Elmore Church Choir

By Isabelle Andrews

Longney and ElmoreChurch Choir.

26 strong church choir students, all of ages from 10 years to O.A.Ps most of the choir are Deans or Bishops choristers. It is a RSCM affiliated church choir. That stands for Royal School of Church Music. Sue Catcheside is the choir's leader. Every Thursday night we all gather at either Longney or Elmore church for a practice and every Sunday we all go to church and after church we all go back to Sue's house for another practice.

The choir does a lot of fund raising. For example singing Christmas carols out side of Tesco doors and entertaining the elderly in local nursing homes.

The website all about the choir is www.le choir.com. On the website there is a shop, you can buy all sorts, for example, pens, T-shirts and CDs of the choir singing. If you are interested in joining the choir contact Sue directly it is fun and very enjoyable.

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