My Longney Residential

Broad Haven

By Ben Veale

I love going to Longney School. One of the reasons I think Longney School is great is because from year 3 we go on residential every year which is great fun. The whole year group goes and we're looked after by our Head Mistress Mrs Taylor and some of the other teachers as well as Mr Neville who isn't part of the school but teaches us football.

I chose to write about residential to Broad Haven because it was great fun
and I wanted people to know about it. We got there by bus. On the way we stopped for the toilet and lunch and saw the great bridge that connects England to Wales. The journey lasted about 2 hours!

We also stopped at a coal mine. Inside it was dark and we had to wear these cool helmets with lights on. When we were in there the ground shook and there was an explosion. But it wasn't real. They only did it to show us how it would have felt in the mine in the old days when they were blasting for coal. It wasn't really scary but it did feel weird. At the end there was a really good roller coaster that looked like a railway that took us back to the top where
we started.

When we arrived the hostel was big flat and brightly colored. Inside it was massive, but my room was small. It had 3 bunk beds and a normal bed. I shared with Alfie and Harry.

On the first morning we went out for a jog on the beach before breakfast. For breakfast we had cereal and toast. Then we spent the rest of the first day at the beach. Mr Neville took us for a jog every morning before breakfast!

On the second day we went to the Sea Life Center where we saw a baby jellyfish and had a sand sculpture competition. The group I was in made a crab and other people made octopuses and other sea animals. It was good fun.

The next day we went to Folly Farm where we went on a Ferris Wheel and played in a fake jungle that had slides and roundabouts and other things. It was great fun. That night we had a BBQ as it was our last night at residential.
We spent the last day packing up our things. We spent a short time on the beach before catching the bus home.

I was sad to leave residential because I had a really great time but I was also excited to get home to see my mum, dad and sister.

If I had to choose my favorite bit of residential it would be our day at Folly Farm. I really loved that day.

I really enjoyed residential and can't wait to go again next year!

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