Events At Longney School

By Mary Haines


Bonfire night at Longney School is really fun. It's usually cold but there
is a big BBQ and fresh hot soup to warm you up. The fireworks are bright,
colourful and sometimes really loud.


The summer fete at Longney School is really busy but that's what makes
it fun. It's full of amazing stalls such as the crafts stall and there's always
something going on. There are some fun games like 3 legged races and
playing catch with an egg and there is also a bouncy castle.


There are some fabulous animals that you can see at the pet show. You
can bring your own animals and take part in some competitions. There are also sometimes some unusual animals that you get to see every day!


On sports day we do some fun races. All of the years take part and there is even a mum and dad race! We have a marathon which is very tiring. We have a sack race which is really fun and normally someone falls over!

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