Elmore Brownies

By Alex Bolton

You can join Brownies at the age of seven. We meet in Elmore village hall. This is the village next to Longney. We meet for an hour and a half. Brownies is about having fun. We wear a brown T-shirt or a long t-shirt, a sash and a pair of brownie trousers.

Brownies enjoy being a group which is part of and helps the community. When you start Brownies you make a promise which is:

I promise to do my best;
To love my God;
To serve my Queen and my country;
To help other people and to keep the Brownie Guide Law.

The Brownie guide law is;

A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.

When we're enrolled we get a fluffy bag; county silk badge; a 'First Elmore' Brownie badge; a badge to say which 'six' you're in and two books. These books are a badge book and an adventure book. The badge book has every Brownie badge you can get in it. The adventure book has lots of fun puzzles and games in it. When you're 9 you get an 'adventure on', which is the same as an adventure book but has a Guide part at the back.

After Brownies you can go Guides, at the age of 10, which is at Frampton-On-Severn.

We go to Brownie camp every year and we go to Cranham. We play lots of games; keep a diary; do jobs and one of these is washing up. We stay for two days and nights. We get a cooks, home skills and fun badge. We like to lend a hand as well.

At Brownies we have sixes and they are called the foxes, squirrels and the hedgehogs. We have a sixer and a seconder in these sixes. They keep the six together.

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Well done ASB, very informative.

By R Bolton
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