Elmore - some historical facts and figures

Village activities during the 20th Century

Pauline Ellis


Ecclesiastical         Civil

1891                                        430       88 Inhabited homes

1901                                        372       86 Inhabited homes

1911                                        334      (176 males, 158 females)

1921                 274                  317      (161 males, 156 females)

1931                                        291      (144 males, 147 females)

1941                                        No records

1951                                        307      (151 males, 156 females)

1961                                        303      (160 males, 143 females) 89 households

1971                                        250      (134 males, 116 females0

1981                                        223

1991                                        198

Area of land 1820 acres including 2 acres of inland water.
88 separate families.


Consecrated in July 1315 by the Bishop of Worcester.  350 seats


1876 - 1879                 Rev. W. P. Whittington  M.A.
1879 - 1881                 Rev. E. S. Dodd
1888 - 1890                 Rev Percy Donovan
1891 - 1895                 Rev John R. Lane
1895 - 1910                 Rev. A. C. R. Clarke
1910 - 1914 (died)        Rev J. P. Humphris-Clark  M.A.
1914 -  1945                Rev Percy E. Prince
1945 -                         Rev Braithwaite
- 1953                         Rev Lanham (with Quedgeley)
1953 - 1964                 Rev George R.Tamplin (with Longney)
1964 - 1978                 Rev G. R. Moule (with Longney)
1978 - 1987                 Rev L. Bruce
1987  - 1998                Rev G. Stickland (with Quedgeley,
Hardwicke and Longney)
1998 - 2005                Rev Thomas Woodhouse (with Longney
and Hardwicke)
2006 -  Present            Rev Andrew James

1912                Specification for new church organ.The builders were Liddiat & Son,                   Leonard Stanley.

1912                Letter from Carnegie Corporation, New York making a gift towards the                 organ appeal fund.

Jan 1914

Vicar (1910 - 14)        Rev J. P. Humphris Clark, M.A.(died)
Church Wardens         Sir W. F. Guise,  J. Stone
Sidesmen                  R. T. Davis, F. Littleton, J. Finch, R. Prosser

21.11.1914                Induction of Rev. Percy Prince.  Rev Prince   came from St Giles in the Fields, London.

1914-15           Church Accounts show that the following considerable donations were made during the year.

£    s    d

Royal Gloucester Infirmary                                           2    4   6

Royal Agricultural Benefit Institution                              2  12    6

District Nurse Fund                                                           3   2

Easter offering to the Vicar                                          5   18   6

Prince of Wales National Relief Fund                             5   12  10

Church Missionary Society                                               17  11

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel                          15  10

Waifs and Strays Society                                                16   3

Dr Barnardo's Home                                                        16   4

British Red Cross Fund                                                 1    4  6

Glos. Diocese Board of Finance 1914                              2   10  0

Ditto 1915                                                                4   10  0

General Purposes Fund                                                 1  12  7

TOTAL                                                                    74   11  9

Sunday School    10a.m. & 3 p.m.

Jan 1915

Superintendent            The Vicar
Teachers                      Misses Meek and Spry
Dec1917          Miss Spry was replaced with Mrs Oliver
Secretary                     Miss Ayers
1915                There are 55 scholars, 40 attend Sunday School each week.
1924                Mary Littleton and Ida Watts became Sunday School teachers.

1915                Elmore and Moreton Valence churches had the same vicar.  The                              Diocesan Board of Finance met and decided that it was possible for                  Elmore to have it's own vicar.

1915                            Vicar                           Rev Percy E Prince A.K.C.
Church Wardens         Sir William F. G. Guise, J. Stone
Sidesmen                     J. Finch, F. Littleton, G Orchard,
R. Prosser
Organist                      Percy Bick
Clerk and Sexton        Dan Spencer

1915                Mothers Meeting held alternate Wednesdays at The Dower                                                House at 2 p.m.
Dec 1920         Mothers Meeting ended.

1915                Band of Hope met on Thursdays at 3.40 at the school

1915                Mens Bible Class at the schools 7.45.p.m. Wednesdays.

1915                Girls Friendly Society met at the schools on 2nd and 4th                                        Wednesdays at 6.45.p.m.
Sept 1925        Girls Friendly Society opened a Hostel at 44 London Road,                                                Gloucester.  Board and lodging can be obtained at a reasonable charge for members and non-members.
15.7.1915        Members were conveyed in a wagonette to Haresfield Church for a
service.  They all then walked to Haresfield Court.  About 12 people
from the Hardwicke Area Branch sat down for tea before being
transported back home.

1915                Mens Club met Wednesdays at 8.30.p.m. and Fridays at 7.45p.m.                          at the schools.  President was Sir William Guise, Chairman of the                             committee - The vicar, Hon. Secretary Mr G. Orchard.  This club                             was open to all men 16 years and over and cost 2/- a year.

30 Jan 1916     Lectern dedicated by the Archdeacon of Gloucester in memory of                          Lieut. Christopher Guise.

6 Feb 1916      A Vestry Meeting was held and it was decided to insure the church                        against aircraft damage.  Cost 17/- per year.

Feb 1916         The vicar writes on "WAR and THRIFT:-
"The war is costing the Nation £5million a day....The nation is asking us to save and invest our savings in the War Loan.  We can give up all expenditure that is not absolutely necessary!  Possibly some could reduce the amounts we spend on alcohol, tobacco and amusements."

May 1917        Belfry examined by experts and report stated that the bells are unsafe to
ring and should only be chimed.  Owing to the war, rehanging in a new
frame cannot be undertaken.  Money will have to be saved at a later date.
Estimated cost in 1922 - over £500.

31.8.1918        The vicar writes that 5 Curates have gone from Gloucester to support the
soldiers.  As a result the vicar has to cover St Catherines Church,
Gloucester.  Also on Tuesdays he will be helping in the canteen at
Quedgeley Munition Works.  The canteen work is very exhausting!

12 Sept 1921   Mothers Union started.

16.8.1922        Mothers Union festival held for 10 parishes was held in Elmore

1922-3             Church tower repaired
Feb 1922         Rev Prince delivers all 110 church news letters.

1922                It was announced that Elmore and Longney should be under one vicar
but not until the present incumbents both die or resign.

6.9.1922          Choir Outing to London.  Total cost £24  10s  5d

22 June 1922   Fete and Sale of work at Elmore Court, from 3 - 10 p.m. in aid of the                 restoration of the church tower and rehanging the bells.                                      Admission 3 - 5p.m. 1/- after 5 half price. Tea before 5 1/- after 5  - 6d.                     Dancing. Band, Bran Pie, Rummage sale, Concert, slow bicycle race,tennis tournament  skittles, Bowls, Shooting Gallery,  Cutting down the rabbit, Musical chairs on bikes, etc.
Profit for the Tower fund was £159  18  5.

August 1923   Mr Walter Meek agreed to pay £65 to have the Tenor Bell recast as a                      memory to his father, the late Mr D. F. Meek.  This was because when                    the bell was at the Bell Foundry it was found to be very damaged and so                     had to be re-cast.

1923                The 6 bells were rehung.
Work on the church tower is in progress.  The bells removed by Taylors
of Loughborough.  It is hoped to have the work completed by Christmas.
Mr Steel and Mr Littleton conveyed the bells to Gloucester Station.

1st was cast in1721  approx 4cwt
2nd                                   5cwt
3rd                                    6cwt
4th re-cast 1867 - 7.5cwt Name of Richard Guilding inscribed.
5th re-cast 1896 - 9.5cwt. Comm. 60yr Reign of Her Majesty
Queen Victoria.
6th re-cast in 1923 - 11.5cwt.  In memory of D.F. and A. Meek by
their son Walter

31.5.1923        Fete raised £131  0  7 for the tower restoration.  The band played
admirably.  Entertainment by the Frampton Concert Party, and two
motor bus owners helped immensely with their frequent services.

7.10.1923        Harvest Festival.  Flowers, vegetables, fruit and eggs were conveyed to
the Infirmary by Epney Bus Co.

26.10.1923      Dedication of the tower after restoration and the bells re-hung.  They
were restored as a memory to Sir William Guise, Bart.

1924                Rev P. Prince has been vicar for 10 years there have been 60
baptisms, 16 marriages, 68 burials.

17 July 1924    Elmore Choir Outing left Elmore at 4a.m., breakfast at Paddington.  Then
to Wembley.  Great Western Railway provided reserved coaches and the
Epney Bus Co and Felix Silvey transported people to and from the station.  Arrived home at 5a.m.  Total cost of the day £20.

31 Dec 1924    Bell Ringers Supper at Church Farm.

5.Feb 1925      Young people called themselves "The Rotters" came from
Gloucester and gave a concert.  They raised the money to pay for
the church magazine which is in debt to the printers for £6   15s

Sept 1925        Ringers from Hardwicke, Haresfield, Hempsted, Longney and
Minsterworth have visited Elmore and rung changes.  Elmore ringers
have visited Ashleworth, Churcham, Longney and Minsterworth to ring.
The leader was Mr A. H. Heaven.

1926                Bell Ringers Annual supper held in December at Church Farm.

Dec 1928         The publication of the last Parish Newsletter.  The vicar feels it has
served its purpose but was never a masterpeice of writing and always
made a loss, but it was good for the camaraderie of the village.

1932-3             Levelling and tidying church yard.

1934                Guilding bequest for the upkeep of the tombs.

1951-2             Fund raising for Electric Light in the church.

1958, 1960-1   Roof retiled and repaired

1963                Lady Nina Grant's Trust and churchyard plan.

1965                Reredos Stone frame and picture behind the altar.  Donated by Harry
Camm, who lived in South Africa, in memory of his sister Bessie Camm.

1966                Electric Heating installed in the church.

1967-8             Repair of table top tombs.

1969                Church organ renovated by Geo. Osmond & Co., Taunton.

1970-2             Gourmet fork suppers at Elmore Court to raise funds for the church.

1975                Report on the condition of the Guise family Mausoleum.

1976                Bishops suspension of presentation to Elmore.


March 1876     Correspondence  from John Hewitt, The Sands, Elmore to J. P. Moore
about materials for school building.  All stone building was rejected as
too expensive.  Original plans were for a school room and house
adjoining. Estimate for this was £600 from J. P. Moore, 1 Brunswick
Road, Gloucester.

4.4.1876          Letter from Thomas H. Lee Warner, Vice Chairman of the Elmore
School Board - acknowledgement of J. P. Moores quotation.
The site was given by Sir William Vernon Guise.

22.1.1877        Elmore National School opened.  Accommodation for 84 children.
(1882  school opened - according to Mrs Guilding)

1900 - 1904     Teacher was Mrs Chaundy (died 24.6.20)

16 Oct 1912    Assistant Teacher Miss Bruckel was given a leaving presentation                             after 10 years at the school, she is to be married.

Jan 1915          School Managers were Sir William Guise, Bart., Lady Guise, The                            Vicar, J. Stone & D. Vick.
Teachers Mrs R. Orchard (Head), Misses Merrett and Newman.
Caretaker Mrs Powell.

Feb 1915         Savings Bank was started at the schools - there are 40 contributors.

10.2.1915        The Diocesan Inspector (the Rev Ponsonby Sullivan M.A.) held his
annual inspection.  He reported  - "The general answering was good, but
the amount of scripture was somewhat inadequate, especially in the
infants class.  The last part of the catechism was not known.  It should be
carefully taught and explained.  Pictures would be a great help in
The vicar made the following comments.  We should remember 4 things
a) a whooping cough epidemic caused many scholars to be absent
b) Mrs Humphris-Clark has left
c) the parish was without a vicar from June to October
d)  floods affected the attendance.

15 Feb 1916    Rev Ponsonby-Sullivan, Diocesan Inspector made his annual visit.  He
expressed his satisfaction and said  "the school is much improved since
last year.  Careful and good work had been done"

Feb 1915         Excerpt from the church news letter -
Church Schools have their privileges (each child receives instructions in the faith of the Church of England from teachers who are church people), but privileges carry with them responsibilities; the managers are liable for keeping the schools in repair, and making reasonable alterations.  Several such, which have added to the comfort of teachers and scholars, have been made during the past 18 months, and now we have paid the bills, but the overdraft at the bank must be met.  The vicar appeals to those, who appreciate the excellent work carried out on the schools, for their assistance.  Annual subscriptions of 21/-, 10/6, 5/- and 2/6 will be gratefully received by him.
It should be borne in mind that the scholars are well educated at no expense to their parents, though, it is true, that the rates paid by the property owners and occupiers include the cost of education in the district.
The child educated at a Church school is taught his prayer book and catechism, and can consequently follow the services in church; the child educated at a council school may only be taught his bible, with moral lessons arising out of the passage, so it is often at a loss, when older, to follow the services in the church; further, the clergy are excluded from most council schools (teachers may be non-conformists), and may give no religious teaching in them.  At Elmore, the Vicar takes all the older children every Friday morning, and superintends, and often teaches, in the Sunday school."

March 1915     There was a shortage of fuel in the district.  School hours were cut                          to 9 - 11.45.a.m. and 12.45 - 2.50.p.m. also the Whitsun school                                   holiday was added to the Easter holiday.  £3  3s was given                                            annually from the church collections to school funds.

May 1916        Lady Guise gave prizes to the youngsters of the village who have                            learned to milk in the last year.  They have been through a years                                   training.

June 1916        The County Education Committee are urging schools to recruit boys,
girls and women to learn the art of milking.  Anyone interested to
contact the school manager.

Sept 1917        An additional weeks holiday has been granted to the schools by
theEducation Committee.  This is to enable the scholars to assist with the
potato harvest.

21.11.17          The Food Production Committee paid £10 to the school in payment for
the huge amount of Blackberries picked by the scholars.  This money
was distributed to the pupils according to the amount they picked.

July 1919         59 Pupils at Elmore School.

Nov 1920        77 pupils

20 Feb 1922    The school reopened after 9 days closure due to the influenza                                  epidemic.

August 1922   The boys of Elmore School won the 5 schools gardening shield                               for the best garden.  It is presented by the Fretherne, Saul, Framilode and
District Agricultural Society.

1922                Pupils left school at age 14 years

Oct 1923         Gardening Shield again won by Elmore School.

Nov 1923        School concert had to be postponed due to a Measles Epidemic.  Owing
to the measles outbreak the school was closed by order of the "School
Medical Officer".  They will re-open on 15.11.1923 after being
thoroughly fumigated and disinfected.

.April 1924      The dance committee donated 10s towards the cost of a lantern                              for the school porch.

April 1924       Miss Newman left as Infants teacher after 9 years at Elmore.  She is to
marry William Wrey Watts of Weir House.
Miss D. G. Simpkins has taken her post as Assistant Teacher and will
begin teaching in June.

Nov 1925        Miss Merret left the school.

Feb 1926         Miss Simpkins left to teach in Essex.

March 1926     Miss Ida Watts became temporary teacher for a month.

April 1926       Miss D. K. Morris appointed Assistant Teacher in place of Miss

Sept 1926        Tommy Knight won a scholarship to Gloucester Technical Schools.

Sept 1926        Mrs Orchard, headteacher is ill so Miss I. Watts is again helping at              the school.

25.10.26          Mrs Orchard back at school.

Nov 1926        Miss Watts appointed to a permanent teaching post at Hardwicke                           School.

24.5.27            A short service was conduct by the vicar for Empire day. The                                  children sang patriotic songs.

July 1927         Miss Lyes joined the school staff.
Aug 1927        "During the vacation the usual summer cleaning of the building and
offices took place"  (Offices = toilets)

1928                Amy Ryder won a part scholarship to Ribston Hall School.

Oct 1928         The "Cookery Van" of the Education Committee will be at Elmore              School this month to give the older girls an intensive cookery course.

1977                School closed. (Re-opened as a village Hall)


1896                Occupants of some farms
Bar House       John Stone
Elm Farm        John Guilding
New Farm       Walter Meek
Elmore Farm   Dan Vick
Billy Arnold  (died 1898)
Elmore Back   W. E. Guilding
Severn Farm    Theyer Robert Davis (left 1914)

June 1918        Elmore Pig Club was set up.  Mr Vimpany will give information on                                     acquiring a pig at the next meeting.  It was important to ensure a                                    supply of bacon for the next winter.  Sir William Guise advanced a                              sum of £25 to help members to purchase a pig.

1919                Mr & Mrs Silvey came to Velthouse Farm

Jan 1921          Daniel Peter Vick took over the tenancy of Elmore Farm from Dan Vick
his uncle.  Daniel was bankrupt in 1931.

Nov 1920        Richard Vimpany of Bridgemacote died, aged 81 yrs.

Dec 1921         Mr & Mrs M. Chamberlayne left Elmore Back Farm.  His brother, Frank
Chamberlayne took over.

Sept 1922        Mr & Mrs Stone left Bar House Farm after 30 years  Mr Steel took                         Over.  He will marry Miss Prout early Oct 1922 at Standish.

Sept 1922        Mr & Mrs Silvey left Velthouse Farm.

1924                Edward G. Lovell new tenant at Farleys End Farm.

1925                John Guilding Bick died.  He used to be tenant of Farleys End Farm.

1926                John Guilding moved from Elmore Farm to Ivy House.

1929                Jack W. Round took over Elmore Back Farm.

1923/4             J. C. Camm of Weir Farm lost all stock due to Foot and Mouth Disease.

Sept 1926        John Guilding left Elm Farm and Fred Watts took over.

1931                Jack Camm took over Elmore Farm.


Sir John Guise             1834 - 1865
Sir William Vernon Guise       1865 -1887
Sir William Francis George Guise       1887 - 1920
Sir Anselm William Guise       1920 - 1970
Sir John Grant Guise   1970 - May 2007
Sir Christopher James Guise May 2007 -

Oct 1920         Miss Diana Guise Married Major Beaman of Frampton (Sister of Sir
William Guise)

Jan 1924          Sir Anselm Guise married

29.5.1924        Sir Anselm and Lady Guise invited Tenants and parishioners who
subscribed to their presents to view the presents.  The Town Band and a
Conjurer entertained those present and tea was provided in the house and
a marquee.

24 July 1924    Minsterworth Show and River Fete was held.  W. Frank Littleton acted                 as Hon. Sec for Elmore.

9 May 1925     Timmothy Harmer was presented with a gold watch as he had
been second gardener at Elmore Court for 50 years

June 1926        Phillipa Guise born.

Dec 1927         John Grant Guise born.
19 March 1926    Privy Council held by King George V at Buckingham Palace.  Sir
Anselm Guise appointed High Sheriff for Gloucestershire for one year.


"Elmore" name deried from Allmor or Almor, meaning a low situation near the sea or some great river.  "Elmore Back" - so called from "Bec" or "back" - British for Ferry.  The ferry used to cross the river from The Salmon Inn at Elmore Back to Minsterworth.  (Discontinued May 1941). 24 Oct 1899

            Elmore Parish Council
4 Dec 1894      First Parish meeting where the Parish Council was set up in accordance with the Local Government Act 1894. First officers were:-
Chairman         Rev John Reynolds Lane Vicar of "The Sands", Elmore
Vice Chairman                        William Arnold of Elmore Back Farm,
Other Council Members William F G Guise Bt of Elmore Court
John Thomas Camm,  Farmer, Weir Farm
William Mayo,  Carpenter
Thomas Wixey,  General Labourer
Clerk to the Council    Edgar Scroggins who was paid 3 guineas p.a.

Feb 1915         Chairman         Sir William Guise Bart
Vice Chairman            John Guilding
Members         G. Orchard, D. Vick W. E. Guilding,
S. G. Ryder (known as Peg-Leg George)
Clerk               R. L. Vimpany

Jan 1905          Parish Council repaired Running Pool Bridge - cost £7.2.6.

15 April 1909  Parish Council wrote to W. C. Hardman (Agent) to ask the owner of the
Stonebench Inn, Mrs Ashbee to remedy the dangerous state of the
footpath and fence it.  Mrs Ashbee refused and suggested that the
footpath should be diverted.
Stonebench footpath diverted through orchard owned byH. H. Scott by
agreement with Gloucester Rural District Council

13 April 1910  Parish Council fitted a handrail to Penny Lane Bridge.

1916                Lake Street road raised for 150 Yards and fenced for 50 yds by
Gloucester Rural District Council because of flooding.

20 Dec 1915    Telephone Box requested for the village.  Rejected as the Parish Council
would have to guarantee and income to the Head Post Master of £14 p.a.

April 1920       Cost of phone box would now be£20.5.0. p.a. or for private subscribers
£5 p.a.  Six parishioners indicated that they would have phones in their
houses and did not want a box.

1 March 1917  A meeting was held under the auspices of the Parish Council where it
was stated that "it is absolutely imperative that more food is produced.
Mr Stone offered one acre of land for allotments at a nominal rent of 1/-
per pole.  Each applicant to have 5 - 20 poles for growing potatoes.
Crops to be cleared by mid October.  Mr W. E. Guilding made a similar
offer for residents of Elmore Back.  It was agreed that pig keeping would
not be profitable due to the high cost of food."

1917                Parish Council rejected the idea of employing German Prisoners of War
on Elmore farms even though boys under 16 are being attracted to the
munitions factories for higher wages

1924                Notice Board to be repainted on Kenton Green  "Gypsies are forbidden to
encamp on this spot or in the vicinity.  By order."  Cost£2.3.0.

5 March 1929  Footpath at Weir closed as tide made it unsafe.

25.April 1930 Weir footpath now mended

17 June 1934   Precept of £8 agreed for Royal Jubilee celebrations

1936                Elmore came second in the Inter-village Flower Growing Competition

20 Sept1937    House to house refuse collection not felt by the Parish Council to be
necessary as there is ample space for disposal on gardens and elsewhere.

31 March 1939  Village well and pump cleaned and repaired by Gloucester Rural District

Post Office 24 Oct 1899    First Post Office opened in Elmore - Postmaster T. G. Harmer

1913                Elmore Clothing Club
Committee      Sir William Guise, The Vicar, J. Stone
Deposits are made by children at the school at 9.15.a.m. on Tuesday
morning and by adults 7.30.p.m. on Wednesday evenings.  A
subscription of £5 from Sir William Guise and £3 10s from the Giles
Cox Charity has allowed a bonus to be paid to each person at the
following rate:
Contribution 12/- (60p)           Bonus 3/6 (17.5p)
6/-  (30p)                     1/9 (8.5p)
(Accounts of Elmore Clothing Club published in April 1915 Parish Magazine)

July 1915         Giles Cox Charity gave £3  10s to the Clothing Club.

Jan 1916          Giles Cox Charity gave £3. 10s to the Clothing Club.

June 1924        Giles Cox Charity gave £3.  17s to the Clothing Club.  The club
has 44 Members.

Jan 1916          The vicar suggested that all should make the following New Year                           Resolutions:
"To attend Divine Worship once on the Sunday.
To partake in Holy Communion on either the first or the third Sunday of
the month and on all Great Festivals.
To pray for our soldiers and sailors, and that there may be an honourable
and abiding peace before the end of the year.
To pray for Gods blessing on the Parish.
To set apart a weekly sum, according as God has blessed us, for His
work, and placing same in the offertory.
To pray that the Welsh Church Bill may be withdrawn, and saved from

Feb 1916         The vicar urged the village to pull down blinds when lamps were                             lighted at night just in case an enemy Air-ship was in the vicinity.

1915                Mothers Meetings
Held alternate Wednesdays at the Dower House                               #                      Superintendent            Mrs P. E. Prince
Secretary                     Mrs Hills

1914 - 1918     The following from Elmore serving in H. M. Forces:

George H. Apperley    Royal Army Medical Corps
George Bates  R.F.A.
George Bennett           16th Glo'sters (joined 1916)
Tom Brooks                5th Glo'sters (wounded in the arm and discharged)
Christopher Browning  H.M.S. Colossus
Dan Browning
George Browning
James Browning          H.M. Torpedo Boat 105
Harry Camm
Francis Chamberlayne
J. W. Chandler            Royal Welsh Horse
Albert Clarke
Alexander Richard Clarke
Arthur Clarke              3rd Glo'sters
Edward Clarke            (died)
Francis Coldrick
Fred Dawe
Henry Dawe
Ernest Freebury
Frank French               Royal Marines
George Gabb   (died)
Jim Gardner                5th Glo'sters
(died, missing 16.8.16 in German trenches)
Tom Greenaway          Royal Army Medical Corps
(discharged June 1918 because of illness)
John Edward C. Guilding  (joined Jan 1917)
A. W. E. Guise            Royal Glos Hussars
H. G. Christopher Guise         5th Glo'sters - 2nd Lieutenant
(died Flanders 6.5.1915 aged 21)
William Harmer
A. H. Heaven
Frederick Howe
Arthur Moss Lovell     9th Glo'sters  (died Sept 1918)
Charles H. Lovell        Royal Glos Hussars
(discharged Oct 1918)
Edward G. Lovell
Herbert Lovell
John Mason                 Kings R. R.(died in France March 1916)
Joseph Mason  Kings R. R.
Leonard F. Mayo
Reginald W. E. Mayo(died Sept 1918 in France)
William C. Mayo
Harold T. Meek
William Joseph Merrett   (died 2.10.17)
A. E. Miles
Ira Palmer                    Royal Glos Hussars
Constant Peeters
Frank Powell               Cyclist Battalion
Harry Priday               3rd Glo'sters
Charles Prosser
Lionel Prosser
R. Randall
F. Read
William Reynolds
Frederick Ryder          5th Glo'sters
James Ryder
Thomas Ryder
Victor Ryder
William Ryder
Albert Smith
William Soules            Kings R. R
Alfred Spencer            (died)
Alick Spiers
Edgar F. Spiers           H.M.S. Suffolk
John Stone                  Canadian Expeditionary Force.
H. W. Vaughan
Fred Watts
Horace Watts              Devons (joined Jan 1917)
Oscar Watts
William Watts             Royal Glos Hussars
Ernest A. Webb          Remounts
Sidney Webb
Tom Webb                  3rd Glo'sters
Wintour E. Webb        7th Glo'sters (missing, presumed dead June 1916)                             Whiting
Arthur Windridge

Aug 1915        Volunteer Training Corps  The vicar appealed in the church news                         letter for volunteers, aged between 16 - 19 and over 40, who would like
to be prepared for Home Defence.  This would include shooting, sentry
work, scouting and trench digging.  There were a number of volunteers
but because they were all working on the land 12 - 14 hour days they
were too tired to devote time to drilling and training.  They may be able
to start when the Autumn evenings arrive!

13 August 1916  Parade Service for the Minsterworth and Elmore Platoon of  the
Gloucestershire Volunteer Training Corps was held at Elmore Church.
Only 3 of the 24 members live in Elmore!

1915                Elmore Working Party  met fortnightly to make garments for the

Feb 1919         This was wound up and hundreds of garments were made and sent to                     wounded soldiers.

March 1927     Three former schollars of Elmore School are defending the English
Colony at Shanghai.  They are Privates Charles Clarke and Jack
Gatehouse serving in the 2and Glosters and Able-Seaman W. Ryder of
H.M.S. Seraph.  Able-Seaman Ryder was involved with the rescue of the
nuns from the Chinese.

Sept 1928        Privates Walter Cresswell and Sidney Clarke have been home                                  proir to going with their regiment to Egypt and India for 5 years.

1915                Elmore Land Trust  The Trustees donated £5 to the church funds.

1915                Scout Troup  gave a concert with the scholars.

1926                Wolf cubs of the3rd Gloucester Troup of Baden Powell Scouts                               camped in J. E. C. Guildings field in Spring Lane.

1916                District Nurse Fund  Lady Guise "begs to remind each cottage
that she has asked for the small sum of 2d per month towards the                            expense of a District Nurse."

2 June 1916     There was a deficit in the District Nurses Fund so a Rummage                                 Sale was held at Elmore Court.  It raise £13.

July 1917         There was a major appeal for funding for the District Nurse.  The                            nurse costs £120 per year.  Out of this is £22 for a pony and cart and £5
for a telephone for Longney.  The nurse covers 5 villages.  There is              currently a deficit of £57 for the 5 villages.
In the last year the nurse made 1884 visits.

March 1922     The subscription boxes for the District Nurse Fund will be collected .
Each box should contain 4/4 (22p) and this entitles the family to her
services in case of illness

1922                Nurse Baldwin retired after 5 years looking after the 5 parishes.

1923                The District Nurse made 3,057 visits

1926                Royal Infirmary, Southgate Street, Gloucester introduced a "New                         contribution Scheme".  A card could be obtained and 2d per week per
person and 3d per week per man, wife and all children up to 16 years old
could be paid.  This would cover all infirmary charges.

8 June 1916     First war wedding in the village.  Both groom and best man were in
uniform.  Bombardier George Bates married Ethel Watts of Weir House,
Weir Lane.

Oct 1916         War Savings Association was started.
Committee - Sir William Guise, Mrs Prince, J. Finch.
Hon. Secretary - Mrs Orchard
Hon. Treasurer - Rev. P. Prince

April 1919       Elmore Cricket Club restarted after the break for the war years.
Mr Stone let the club have their old pitch on the "Sands" for a moderate
rental.  Anyone who wishes to donate 5/- or over will become a Vice-
President.  The first match was played on Whit Monday against
Quedgeley. Elmore won by one run.
Their first season they had played 9 matches, won 7, lost 1, drawn 1.

1920 season     17 matches, 7 won, 10 lost.

1921 season - 19 matches,  12 won, 6 lost, 1 drawn.

2.6.1923          The new cricket pavilion was first used.  It was made by J. E. C.                             Guilding.

12.9.1919        Elmore Football Club was formed.

Sept 1921        It was said that the expenses for the team would be high as they had to
buy a practise ball and a match ball and 11 jerseys.  The goals posts have
been donated .

Easter Monday the Elmore Football Club won the silver cup inscribed
"Severn Vale Association Football League, won by Elmore".  Elmore are
the first owners of the cup presented by Sir Lionel Darell.  The cup was
presented by Lady Darell to the captain, Dan Vick.

29.7.1923        Football Club Supper was held in the redecorated Club room at The
Stonebench Inn.  Every credit goes to Mr & Mrs Keen for the excellent

March 1924     Having won the Football League for 2 years Elmore lost to Dursley this

27 May 1925   Annual meeting of the Football Club.  Income £22  14s  9d
Expenses £18  17s  0d
Captain - T Reynolds, Vice Captain - R. Lovell

7.6.27              A.G.M. of the Football Club. It was suggested that the club should
disband due to lack of interest. They will try to recruit new members.

15.10.1919      Mens Club started.  They met every Tuesday 7 - 9.30.p.m.                                      Games and papers were donated.  Mr Watts has organised some boxing.
They average 20 members attending.  They will purchase more games.

Dec 1920         Elmore Glee Society formed. Percy Bick was the conductor.  They                        met on Wednesday nights at the schools. Their first concert was                          28.1.1921 in aid of the Church Bell Fund.

28.12.1922      "The Glee Society gave a concert at the Workhouse, to the great                              delight of the inmates."

2.12.21            Glee Society gave a concert in aid of the Church Choir Fund.                                  Cost 2/4 & 1/3 including Tax.

1921                Library Books The Carnegie Trust have donated a box of standard
works.  Mrs Orchard is acting as Librarian.  Books can be chosen on
Friday afternoons at 3.p.m. and kept for 2 weeks.
2 Oct 1921      War Memorial  Opening and Dedication.

1922                Salmon Inn Elizabeth Phelps died aged 78 yrs.

Oct 1922         Herbert Lovell and Horace Watts left for Australia.
Dec 1922         Herbert and Horace had arrived safely in Melbourne.

Dec 1922         W. J. Guilding arrived at Le Pas, Bolivia.

6.7.27              Horace Watts married Miss Ivy Bennett in Australia, he now has                             his own farm.

Feb 1923         Mr & Mrs Douglas Stone were married.

April 1923       Mr & Mrs Douglas Stone left for Australia.

Aug 1923        Mr & Mrs Stone arrived safely in Cohuna, South Australia.
They later moved to a farm Mandalay, Leitchville,  Victoria.

7.8.1923          Walter Stone  and R. Lovell sailed for Canada.
Walter worked for the Oregon and Washington Railway.

30.July 1923    The boundaries of Elmore Civil and Church Parishes are now the                      same, the portion of Minsterworth this side of the Severn, and the                               outlying portions of Hardwicke mainly near our church having been                 incorporated into Elmore Church Parish.  The "Order in Council"
effecting this was made at H. M. Privy Council Meeting held at
Buckingham Palace on 31.7.23.

1940                Land at Elmore Back incorporated into the village of Elmore from the
parish of Minsterworth.

Aug 1923        Francis James Phelps of 10 London Road, Gloucester is the                                     owner of "The Shark".

April 1924       Dr Fisher form Westbury died suddenly.  He was a valued doctor                           to many at Elmore Back.

1924                Telephone came to Elmore Back, across the river.

1924 - 26         George Bennett won outright the Silver Challenge Cup for "500                              yards race in a flat bottomed boat.

25 June 1925  Char-a-banc outing to Weston super Mare for the school children and

1925                Minsterworth Fete.  George Bennett won for the second time the Silver
Challenge Cup for the 500 yards race for flat bottomed boats.  This race
was open to all the fisheries on the Severn.  Hundreds of spectators lined
both banks of the Severn.

1926                George Bennett won again and won the Challenge Cup outright as he had
won it 3 years in a row.

20 Oct 1925    Elmore Womens Institute formed.
Miss Curtis-Hayward was the speaker and 25 people present.                                              President                        Lady Guise
Vice President             Mrs Chamberlayne
Hon. Secretary                        Mrs Orchard
Hon Treasurer             Miss Vimpany
Committee                  Miss Butler.                 Mrs Longney,
Mrs C. Lovell              Mrs Prince
Mrs S. G. Ryder          Mrs D. P. Vick

15.7.1935        W.I. Outing to Barry by motor coach leaving the school at 8.30a.m.

3.6.1936          W.I. Outing to Bristol Zoo, Cheddar and Weston

Jan 1937          W.I. only 9 members

29.6.1937        W.I. Outing to Weymouth on F. Silvey bus.

18 Jan 1938     Institute closed due to a shortage of members.
Feb 1958         18 members

May 1958        W.I. Outing to Bristol Zoo and Weston

1960                £5 was donated by Elmore W.I. to Denman College.  The money was
obtained by collecting waste paper.

1961                W.I. membership 29.

1961                W.I. outing to Lynton and Lynmouth by rail.

October 1962  Elmore W. I. wrote to the hospital saying there was insufficient food and
it was often cold.

Dec 1962         £1. 1. 00 was sent to the Diocesan Deaf Association towards the
purchase a house in Alexandra Road, Gloucester.

1957                Charity Commissioners scheme for the Giles Cox Charity.

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