Recollections of vessels owned by the Butt family

Including mention of Wasp, Piscah and Severn Side amongst others

By Gill Redford

The following information was donated by Paul Barnett of Friends of Purton and consists of interviews with those who recall the Butt family and their vessels, and also some information from Gloucester Records Office.

Charlie Langford, crew member of the Tugs Addie, Resolute and Primrose.                                                                                             

Born 1925; deep sea 1943 - 1962, Sharpness 1962 - 1990.  Interviewed 19.06.2003

He recalls that the Steel MV River King and not the wooden King was used to convey stone from Chepstows' Stoney Aden Quarry for William (Bill) Butt.

He says that the former wooden trow Mary was used to convey stone from Chepstow for William (Bill) Butt.

He recalls that Fred Larkham (formerly Townsend) owned the steel barge Riparian which was originally a stone boat like the River King.

Doug Monday, crew and skipper of the Crane Barge, Gloucester. 

Interviewed 21.02.2004, 10.03.2004 and 17.03.2004.

Both Mr and Mrs Monday recall the steel vessel River King, which was a frequent visitor to the upper reaches of the Severn carrying stone for the NRA.  In fact the vessel was often seen passing Framilode and as a result the landlord of the Darell Arms wrote a poem about the vessel. 

Mr Monday also recalls the Severn Side and Severn Trader, Lufa and the Piscah, which "couldn't half shift".

Eric Aldridge, skipper of Dredger No. 4.  Aged 84.

River 1929 - 1960, canal 1960 - 1984.  Interviewed 01.07.2003

He recalls that the largest ketch in the UK, the steel Sunrisen, was once in the ownership of Walter Butt of Saul, as were the steel motor barges Piscah and River King which was known to haul stone for the River Catchment Board for Fred Rowbottom.  Note that Sunrisen's sister ship, the Sunshine, is believed to have sunk at her moorings whilst as a house boat at Upton.

He also recalls that the Wasp was side clothed, and owned by Ogman Butt and is beached at Lydney.

Gloucester Records Office - mention of Captain Butt and the Finis

Under reference D2195 in the Bill Hady of Newham Archive, there is a letter from Reverend R. J. Marshfield to Mrs Vowles, written in 1961 in which the Finis is discussed thus:
'Finis first appears 24.10.1884 under Capt Butt; March 1892 under Capt White; April 1893 under Capt Wood.'

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