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By Carol Pickering

Arlingham was the home for many years of the Merrett+Vernon families, would like any info about either. Mother was Muriel E Merrett

If you can help with this request, please attach a comment below and your message will be passed on to Carole. (Ed)

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The Merrett family details that I have seen shows a Muriel Merrett who married someone by the name of Mitchell and they had a daughter Doreen Mitchell. Muriel Merrett's parents apear to have been William Vernon (W. V.) Merrett (born around 1872 and whose photo is in the "Where the River Bends" book published 2009) and Esther Anne Driver. In turn W.V. Merrett's parents were Daniel Merrett (1845-1890) and Elizabeth Vernon - amongst other places they lived at Sandfield Farm, High Street, Arlingham. Perhaps Elizabeth Vernon originated from Lower Milton End Farm, Arlingham where the Vernon family farmed for generations. I believe that her brother was John Vernon (photo in Where the River Bends) of Cross House, Arlingham - he was the village butcher and I think a founding member of Arlingham Parish Council at the very end of the C19th. A photo of Daniel Merrett appears in "Antiquities of Arlingham" published in 2008. Going further back, Daniel Merrett's parents were Henry Merrett (1803-1891) and Sarah Abell (1805-1862). They lived at Warth Farm, Arlingham and, prior to pursuing the family trade of farming, met when Henry Merrett was a teacher at Arlingham school, where Sarah also came to work having moved from Herefordshire. Henry Merrett's photo also appears in "Antiquities of Arlingham". Henry's parents were James Merrett (1767-1839) and Martha Ponting (1772-1865) they both came from the Berkeley area, moved to Slimbridge and from there they moved in the very early C19th to Clapsgate House, Arlingham (which is where I live now) and they had many children. I also have the lineage going back three further generations to a John Merrett born 1665.

By Jon Shaw
On 24/10/2010

Thank you very much, Jon Shaw for your valued info, Carole P Merrett.  If anyone knows any thing further of the Vernons I would be pleased to know.  They intermarried with Burcher family I believe.

By carole pickering-merrett
On 21/02/2011

My grandfather was a Merrett, originally from Chippenham, with forefathers from Arlingham and Berkley. I picked up on the name Ponting on your website, which has turned up in tracing my family tree. My mother was Merrett, d2004, and the family tree so far goes back to about 1670, Merretts in Berkley. Email if you wish, perhaps a copy of the draft tree so far.

By Ian Kinnear
On 10/08/2014

For Carole

Further to my recent comment, I believe James Merrett and Martha Ponting were my great great great grandparents. I believe my side of the family are descended from Edwin a son of James and Martha.  I presume your branch of the family are descended from Henry, another son of James and Martha.

I know this is not much help to find out more about the Vernons, but may be of interest.

Regards Ian Kinnear

By Ian Kinnear
On 10/08/2014

Hi, I came a cross this site purely by accident, my grandmother was Muriel Marjory Merrett born in 1909. she had a sister Maude, I don't know if she had any other siblings but could find out as my uncle is still alive.

their father was Edwin Merrett and came from the area. Probably not a lot of help but I could find out more



By Mandy
On 11/01/2015

Hi Ian - I have a .ged file of the Merrett family tree with 370 individuals -starting with John Merrett b 1665 whose great great grandson would have been Edwin born 18/5/1811 and moved to Arlingham when very small to live with his parents James & Martha and many siblings - in the house I live in now. The family tree that I have traces down from Edwin as far as to today's generations along some of the lines.

Jon Shaw

By Jon Shaw
On 11/01/2015

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