The Tuffley

A barge on the Gloucester-Sharpness canal

By Tony Ravenhill

My Grandfather George Stokes was Skipper on the barge Tuffley for many years during the 1940s and 50s. I used to travel as cabin boy on weekends and School Holidays and visited Sharpness many times and even got up the Severn to Cadbury's Bourneville with a load of raw chocolate. I have vague memories of his mate "paddy" who was minus a few fingers on the one hand? The Addy tug used to pull the line of barges in single file and I recall one time the "Tuffley" was first in line and I was steering from the aft tiller. Inexperience and poor judgement caused us to hit the Bridge and all the other barges in the tow came hurtling down on us at great speed. When my Mother used to ask where I learned to swear like that I could reply in all honesty "Grandad taught me!"

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