Cows' Drink

Recollections of those who learnt to swim in The Drink.

The Cows' Drink is a break in the canal bank just south of Fretherne Bridge in Frampton which allowed cattle easy access to water from the canal. Over many years this was the traditional swimming place of children in the village.

Photo:Swimming Party

Swimming Party

Williams Archive

Bob Merrett's recollections

As a child after school our gang of boys made a rendezvous at the Cows' Drink. Back in the 1930s it was much bigger than the stretch of water you see today. There was a sandy beach which allowed us to wade into the water. Our changing rooms were the bushes. As the boats went by they created a wave which sucked you into the middle of the canal - creating great excitement.

Pauline Selby remembers

As a non-swimmer I enjoyed making sand castles at The Drink after I had changed into my swimming costume in the blackberry bushes. There was a tummock of the earth nearby where one of us girls would stand watch for boys while changing took place! We used to take biscuits, a drink and eggs, which we found (!) in a chicken coup on our way across to The Canal, for our tea. One of my friends had a dollies "stove" which we would heat by lighting small twigs collected along the bank. Using a dollies frying pan we were able to fry the eggs one at a time - we thought they tasted wonderful.

Photo:The Cows' Drink

The Cows' Drink

Williams Archive

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