Submarines and Destroyers on the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal

Peace time visits

By Tony Ashby

Submarine visit

Every year Sir Lionel Darell organized a garden fete and arranged different interesting events for the visitors.  One year he got the submarine to visit another the Fire Brigade.  Everyone was allowed to go on board the submarine and paid 1d. (less that 1p) to do so.

Visit of Destroyer to Gloucester
Photo:A submarines passing Cadbury's factory.  1937
Photo:A destroyer with flags flying on its way to Gloucester.  It is being pulled by a tug boat through Fretherne Bridge.
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I'm not entirely sure that the ship under tow is a destroyer. Normally they were not equipped with rubbing strakes and the guns were housed in turrets. The size appears wrong as well when compared with the crew. It may be a minesweeper or one of the smaller corvettes. I shall try to find out. Interesting pic, though.

By Mike Powell
On 04/07/2009

Mike Powell is right. This is a wooden coastal minesweeper of the Coniston class. Severn Division Royal Naval Reserve operated such a vessel from their base in Bristol, and this picture possibly records a visit paid to Gloucester in the late 1960s by HMS VENTURER. Her pennant number (painted in black on the hull but not entirely visible) was M1146.

By John Robinson
On 06/04/2011

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